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Welcome to Animal Alphabet.  My name is Anna and I love all things furry, feathery, scaly and creepy crawly.  I live in the Norfolk countryside and keep lots animals so thought I would tell you all about them and show you pictures of them.  In the future you will find lots of fun things to do including colouring in pages so keep coming back to see what has been added...

There are millions of other different animals in the world.  I can tell you about these too.  So if you like insects, birds, fishes, creepy crawlies and other creatures then you will love this website.  I have lots of pictures so that you can see what different animals look like and I will tell you lots of facts about them.  

Things like why worms are good for soil, why snails have shells, how butterflies taste, how whales talk. I will also tell you what they eat, what they look like when they are babies, how they walk and talk to each other.  

You will find things to draw, paint and make.  


If you click on the green buttons on the left hand side of the page it will take you to an alphabetical list of the different animals in that group.

So if you want to see different kinds of fishes and ocean creatures just click on the green button that says OCEAN ANIMALS.


I have called this page the Animal Alphabet because soon you will be able to find all the animals in alphabetical order.  This is really helpful for children learning their alphabet and for older children looking for a particular animal.  

Some of the groups of animals I have written about include weird animals, wildlife animals, desert animals, forest animals, rainforest animals, prehistoric animals and ocean animals.  

I hope you enjoy looking through my pages and will tell your friends about it.  You can share my website on facebook and other pages if you would like to so that your friends can visit it.


Have lots of fun looking.



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